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Assessing business potential and developing the plan and strategy to get you from concept to revenue generation

Business Concept / Risk Assessment (BCA)
Helping you determine the viability of your business concepts. Shapes and aligns your Vision, Mission, Values, USP, business model and overall business strategy within your team of critical stakeholders with insight from our extensive industry knowledge and data analysis.

Business Road Map (BRM)
Developing a detailed plan to get you from concept to revenue generation. We will outline the activities required, the priority of said activities and identify and help you understand the financial milestones you can prepare accordingly.

Financial Analysis
Ensuring you understand the financial commitments. Develop a start-up budget / use of funds and create a 4 year pro-forma to help set the appropriate expectations for you and your investors.

Investor Package
Asking you the tough questions your potential investors will certainly want to know. Develop the appropriate materials and help prepare you for a successful due diligence process.



Business Administration
Maintaining your business infrastructure and administration to keep your business valid.

Providing comprehensive accounting services to ensure your business maintains good financial standing. Services include bookkeeping, corporate and owner tax filing and responding to unexpected IRS correspondence.

Contract Management
Making sure our clients are making the right contractual commitments and understand what to expect from others. Create, control, and amend business contracts as necessary. Ensure compliance on both sides with respect to contractual obligations. Business operations contracts include purchase orders, service contracts, affiliate agreements and more.

Supply Chain Management
Ensuring your customers are not impacted by preventable vendor issues. Create and regulate production schedules, manage supplier quality issues and Corrective Action activities, validate supplier health and risk to client supply chain.

Business Performance Analytics
Enabling our clients ability to make sound business decisions based on data and analytics. Identify, develop, collect and analyze metrics for optimal business performance.



Setting your business up for success and sustainability 

Business Administration
Creating your business on paper and making it real. Setting up your entity, securing your business permits and licenses, ensuring your are appropriately insured, establishing appropriate utilities accounts, domain, contracts, and more.

Human Resources
Making sure your employees are good from the get. Develop effective on/off boarding processes, employee handbooks, job descriptions, contracts, benefits programs and ensuring your employees are trained appropriately.

Establishing an operational finance system that ensures compliance and integrity throughout. Process payroll, create expense reimbursement, accounts payable / receivable and asset / inventory management processes as appropriate.

Regulatory Compliance
Navigating the industry's regulatory complexity and ensuring you start and remain compliant. Develop internal audit schedule, conduct internal audits, manage observation mitigation activities and keep everyone trained appropriately.

Quality Management (QM)
Ensuring consistent level of quality throughout. Develop and implement quality management and product quality plans, policies and procedures. Identify appropriate KPIs and performance metrics and develop effective continuous improvement process based on operations data and pragmatic solutions.



Ensuring continuous alignment and possible evolution of the company's Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Goal Setting
Making sure the short-term company goals facilitate the progression of the realization of the company Mission and Vision and are in alignment with the Values. Facilitate the annual goal setting exercises and quarterly goal progress reviews. 

Aligning the business finance models with the goals to be able to plan accordingly and realistically. Develop, implement and facilitate the annual budget development cycle and quarterly review process.

Analytics Application
Making your data work for you. Helping you make the right decisions and develop effective and creative ways to improve your business performance based on the data you are collecting and the analysis we help develop.

Business Strategy Development
Keeping a watchful eye on the effectiveness of the current business strategy and advising accordingly.

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Quality Management Services (QMS)

Facilities site Audit

  • Site plan compliance assessment

  • On-site physical inspection / compliance assessment (grounds and building)

  • Inspection summary and detailed observation report (inclusive of criticality rating and

    pictures, if applicable)

  • Recommendations for observation resolution and/or mitigation

  • Follow-up inspection to assess resolution / mitigation efforts (within 90 days)

BUSINess operations Processes (BOP) Audit

  • Policies and procedures (P&P) architecture review and assessment

  • Business Operations, Quality Control / Assurance, Technical Safety and Maintenance P&P review and compliance gap analysis

  • Assessment summary and detailed observation report (inclusive of criticality rating)

  • Recommendations for audit-friendly policy and procedures architecture

  • recommendations for resolution and/or mitigation of identified compliance and best

    practices gaps

  • Follow-up inspection to assess resolution / mitigation efforts (within 90 days)


Product audit

  • Physical inspection of all finished good product lines (inclusive of product type, labeling and packaging)

  • Inspection summary and detailed observation report (inclusive of criticality rating and pictures, if applicable)

  • Follow-up inspection to assess resolution / mitigation efforts (within 90 days)

QMP/S Maintenance

  • Develop internal audit schedule

  • Set-up, install and train internal audit team (up to 5 people)

  • Monitor, provide recommendations / consultation for internal audits

  • Conduct annual and/or regulatory updates QMP review and develop improvement recommendations


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